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You may find The Thought Business coaching is different from anything you have seen before.

I’m Martin Croft, I listen to people, we take time to look in a different direction and I watch their lives and businesses transform in front of them.

I love my job!


At times, the way we think works against us and we see less clearly. Some people call it worry, being anxious or just feeling a bit low. The search for wellbeing and self-assurance is simpler than it appears and much closer than you imagine.


Fear is the only thing to stop us doing the things we want to do. It is at the core of our inability to achieve the magnificent things of which we are all capable.


None of us enjoy stress. But while we often blame it on the situations around us, there are more fundamental reasons for the destructive feelings we experience.


We strive to find that special area of performance called “The Zone” in sports and “Being in Flow” in business. We have all had great days where everything goes right and nothing presents a problem.

We know what it feels like. So why is it so hard to find?



The Thought Business coaching is individually crafted around people who would like to see a different perspective to their life or their business.

I have not found a situation where this does not have an application, neither will you!

If you want something different, tell me why…


When free of stress and worry, life is amazing. It feels like we can accomplish anything.

In the past, I could feel inspired and in flow some days and, though nothing had changed, depressed and anxious the next.

The conundrum only changed after a special conversation which continues to make everything different. The results? Less fear, worry and stress. Better relationships, more creativity and a general thriving.


It’s well understood that clarity of mind is crucial for reaching potential – within an individual or a team.

An understanding of the principles behind the human experience and condition can change lives forever.

In business, companies often try to influence employee behaviour without this understanding. However, once they do, the desired behaviours and outcomes seemingly flow without effort. Your colleagues flourish and everything around them does too.


Having less fear in life is empowering.

Fear drives us into our shell, back to stale habits and familiar outcomes. By understanding the principles behind fear, you can disarm its restrictive nature, simply and consistently, time and again.

The best part? It’s simple and there is nothing to practise, to take, or do.


With balanced mental health and wellbeing we see more, do more, and surprise ourselves in our endeavours.

When we see the nature of how our reality is created the potency of stressful feelings are exposed and their power diminishes. It works even in the most extreme circumstances. I’ll help you see the quality of your reality and change the quality of your life.


Flow is a powerful, creative and near spiritual state of mind.

When life feels like a drudge, like there must be something more… this is when people disengage, when we all lose motivation.

On the special days, everything clicks together. Teams act as one and the company flies. Sportspeople meet the best of their potential.

My transformative conversations help you connect with that place more often. Spend more time in flow. Achieve those ‘impossible’ goals.



Call +44 7821 890 959